Issue on Data methods in Fresh service

Hello @Communiteq,
Am just facing an issue with Data Methods in Fresh Service.

With the use of the data methods am fetching the ticket status of a particular ticket, Once the ticket status is updated from open to close as the expected flow the data method should return the updated status of the ticket as closed on every app initialization without refreshing the page manually.

But data method doesn’t return the updated status normally while the app is closed and opened,
It returns only when the page is refreshed

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Please look after it .
It’s a high-priority one.

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@Communiteq Are there any updates on this issue?

Good Day! Seems like a issue in the product,
Let me check with the product team and get back to you at the earliest


Good morning @Santhosh ,

Thanks for replying for this thread, but can you please make it as a high priority and help me to fix this issue as it is a blocking point for my case.

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@Santhosh is there any update regarding this?

Got a reply from the product team,

Today we don’t refresh the values dynamically in Data API as the relevant fields get updated only on page refresh. This will be fixed in the ember version.

PS: The product team targeting to release this by Sept.

Hope it helps


Hi @Santhosh ,


Thanks for the update .
I hope it would help me out.

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