Issue on ticket-data methods

Hi Team,

Recently, in Freshdesk we found an issue in the data methods.

When we get the ticket data using the “ticket” data method it returns the invalid data.

For instance, if I change the status from open to close and fetch the ticket data again the status returned in the payload is “closed” even if we have not updated the ticket properties yet.

Thanks in advance!

Confirmed. I can reproduce this bug. Sample app: (4.7 KB)


Thanks for confirming this issue. Does it have any other workaround? or
you have any idea when it should be fixed?

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One workaround I can think of is to use the Freshdesk REST API to fetch ticket details.

I unfortunately don’t have a timeline yet by when this will be fixed.


Hi @kaustavdm

To reduce the API limit, we used data methods.
Can I know the approximate timeline of when this issue is going to be fixed?

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I wonder, if the product is designed to behave as it does.
So, you would always get currently set ticketfields, does not matter if updated or not.

Because you can also see it the other way round.
If you subscribe for a ticketfield changed event (e.g. ticket status), where you always work with currently set values, why not also getting currently set values when fetching ticket completely?
So there’s also a usecase for what is a bug in your eyes.

Guess only a FD developer can tell us, what the product should do.

In my opinion, there’s a case for two data methods where one loads saved ticket data and the other one loads currently set values.