Issue while transffering xml string buffer to sftp server in freshdesk

As we are developing a custom app to transfer XML data to an SFTP server,we implemented a buffering mechanism to handle the XML data. we initially attempted to use the “sftp put” method for file transfer. However, this approach encountered failures during the transfer process.

To further improve the file transfer reliability, we decided to incorporate the “whoosh” library, which provided a different method for passing the data. This resulted in successful transfers for some cases. However, despite this improvement, we encountered further failures during data transfers.

Can you please help us with this?

Hey @Snekha_Suresh,

Can you help me understand more about when the app is failing, also please do share the app id and account domain where the custom app is deployed.

Hi! @zach_jones_noel ,

We are investigating on why the app is failing. We haven’t found the solution yet because it is behaving as expected in the node environment but not in the FDK environment. The app id is “80613” and the domain