Issue with External Event

Unable to trigger custom app external event locally.

Cmd: fdk run -t
Tunnel Open. Tunnel URL:

From postman hitting the same URL, but getting 404 status:

Cannot POST /event/hook

Hi @Klintan_KJ,

I’m trying out with the latest FDK version (6.11.1) and I got “” for a Freshdesk app. The POST request to the generated URL works fine.

Could you update the FDK to the latest version and let me know if it works fine?
If it fails, please share the complete request parameters, URL, and method.

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Hey @Raviraj,

I tried with this path - event/execute?name=onExternalEvent. It’s working.

FDK version already up to date! - 6.11.0

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Hey @Klintan_KJ,

The URL that I suggested also should work. If it still doesn’t, let us know so we can probably check why it doesn’t work for you.

The endpoint that you have mentioned is used by the Simulation page runs on FDK. So, it will work but it is not a recommended way as we would change it anytime for internal purposes.

Hey @Raviraj,

Yes, If we append the product name in the path then it’s working.


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Thank you for the confirmation! :slight_smile: