Issue with FreshWorks CLI installation

I am facing challenges in installing the Freshworks CLI. Can you please help me in installing it.

Getting following error while executing the npm install --global --production windows-build-tools cmd .

Error: TypeError: ‘process.env’ only accepts a configurable whileinstall windows-build-tools**”**

Please help me here to fix the issue.


We discovered some new steps with FDK installation, @venkatgupta

Do you mind trying again with following new steps for windows?

Getting started

If you are new to Freshworks Developer ecosystem, this segment is to help you get started. There are threetwo major steps

  1. Signing up a freshworks developer
  2. From the developer account subscribing for a freshworks product
  3. Local setup

Signing up a freshworks developer

  1. If you already have an account with us skip this step
  2. By cliking the link and providing necessary details Developer Sign up
  3. Bookmark the developer account link for future reference
  4. Refer detailed instruction from here

From the developer account subscribing for a freshworks product

  1. If you already have an account with us skip this step
  2. When landed on App Management Portal (AMP) you will be asked to signup for at least one product to get started with
  3. Select the product of your choice and signup
  4. Refer to detailed instruction on Product Sign Up when in doubt

Local setup

Kindly ensure you have gone through the Introductory guide to freshworks app development if haven’t done already

How to get the necessary setup done?

  1. Ensure you have NVM Setup locally

    1. For Mac Users use one of these steps
      1. Follow these steps for CLI based installation of NVM
      2. Follow steps below to Install NVM via brew
        1. Follow Brew installation steps if haven’t installed brew already
        2. Verify brew working or notversion
        3. Install NVM via brew
          # install nvm
          brew install nvm
          # verify version
          nvm --version
    2. For Windows Users use one of the below option
      1. Install via installers
      2. Install via chocolatey
        1. Install Chocolatey Package manager
        2. Install NVM via chocolatey
          # install nvm
          choco install nvm
          # verify version
          nvm --version
    3. For ubuntu based installation
      1. Install cURL utility via command line
      sudo apt install curl
      1. Use cURL to install NVM via installation script
      curl | bash 
      1. The installation script creates an environment entry to the login script of the current user.
      source ~/.bashrc
  2. Install Node

    # install node 18 via nvm
    nvm install 18
    # verify node version
    node --version
    # create alias against node
    nvm alias default 18
  3. Install build tools

    # for Mac first time Users
    xcode-select --install
    # verify you have xcode cli installed
    xcode-select -p
    # for windows Users install build tools for windows
    npm install --global --production windows-build-tools@4.0.0
  4. Install latest version of FDK

    # for new install
    npm install -g
    # for existing Users of FDK version <9.0.0
        # remove the existing version of fdk
        npm uninstall fdk -g
        # remove the ~/.fdk folder
        rm -r ~/.fdk
        # install FDK via npm
        npm install -g
    # verify the FDK version
    fdk version

Towards end of the it your output shouldbe same or higher than the listed ones

#for nvm -v
# for node -v
# for npm -v
# for fdk -v

Once completed create your first freshworks application using app development guide