How to log in and get started with the Freshworks Developer Account

A step-by-step guide on how to set up the Freshworks developer account and unify your login experience!

You will notice the Login and Sign-up button added to the existing developer landing page -

What’s new with developer account signup?

Freshworks developer account aims at providing a unified experience to a developer for login, product account management, and app management. We are introducing a new sign-up and login experience that will help existing and new users quickly get onboard as a Freshworks developer and start building the apps; also help the developer platform transform into a smart engine to cater to different personas in the Freshworks ecosystem.

Benefits of setting up the Freshworks developer account?

  • Ease of access to all developer resources
  • Sign-up for product trials from within Freshworks Developer Account
  • View all the apps mapped to the organization account on the App Management Portal
  • Navigate quickly to developer support systems from your account

How to get started?

Step 1:

Click the ‘Sign-up’ button on the existing developer portal page: You will be redirected to a page to enter the credentials.

Note: If you are a new user and don’t have an existing account/org URL, click on “Continue to Sign up” to get other options for registering with us.

Step 2: (Part I) New Users

New users will have to click the “continue to sign up” option, and it will take you to the next screen with two options:

  • Sign up with Google
    When the user chooses “Sign Up with Google,” users are redirected to the Google OAuth page, where they can pick their account of choice or Sign In with a different Google account.

  • Sign up with email
    When users choose "Sign Up with email, " they must provide their First Name, Last Name, and Email ID and click the Sign Up For Free button.

Note: If you sign up using the email option, you must activate it using the verification link shared to your email.

Step 2: (Part II) Existing Users

Are you an existing Developer with Freshworks? Provide your Product Account or Organization URL and we will have you onboarded as a Freshworks Developer with all your data intact.


Step 3:

Take a guided tour to experience the feature-rich portal and explore all the apps that are mapped to your org account. Also, don’t forget to add all the details to set up your developer profile on the portal fully.


After you follow the above three steps, you will be able to log in with the org URL/developer account and be directed to the App Management page. If you are logging in for the first time, you will notice the ‘create new app’ screen where you can start building your apps and publish them under the org.

Pro tips you should know!

Pro tip 1

Developer account login allows users to sign up for multiple Freshworks products’ free trials from within the portal. Once you log in to your account, navigate to the ‘Products and Accounts’ tab, and you will experience a single view of all our products.

Pro tip 2

Login to your account and gain access to App Management Portal to manage apps across org; you can also add multiple apps under one account. You will see all the apps associated with the domain mapped to the organization and the app status (in-development or published).

Pro tip 3

You can modify the org URL directly from the portal if you are the organization admin. This feature would help you change the URL to suit your branding or organization guidelines.

Pro tip 4

Move all your existing accounts under one Freshworks Developer Org URL without affecting or losing any existing account level configurations & data. The users of the account will automatically become users of the Freshworks Developers Organization, and your app history is intact. What’s more, you can bring up to 5 account domain URLs per product (Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshservice) into your Developer Org.


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