Issue with fw-datepicker, fwChange event keeps triggering when values changed without clicking update button

I’m trying to use fw-datepicker. But, fwChange event are kept triggering whenever I make some changes before click update button.

For example. fwChange triggered when I selected a different year or month before I click updated.

Hi Ethan Kim,

We’ll check on this and will fix it if it’s an issue. I’ll post in this space if any updates!

Hi Ethan Kim,

This issue is fixed now and available in ‘pre-release’ state. We’ll move it to release in a short period of time. You can refer the change log about the fix.

If you’re using crayons via node modules and would like to check this pre-release version, can use like below
npm i @freshworks/crayons@2.7.1

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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