Issue with testing FDK 9 app

Hey there,

I have updated to FDK9 and now have issues with testing an app.
The installation page does not show installation parameters.
In the console I see these issues:

What confuses me is, that the form html (which seems to be generated by fdk run) does include this “undefined” part:

Is that okay?

iparams.json does look like this:

FDK does not throw any error when calling “fdk run”.

It happens with completely new apps and for “old” apps after migrating to FDK9.

This issue exists on the test installation parameters page (http://localhost:10001/custom_configs) and in the product’s installation page when testing.
However, it does work when deploying and installing the app from the dev-platform.

Any help? Anyone else experienced this issue?



Did you delete ~/. fdk folder before installing FDK9?

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Hey Saif,
No, I did not, did it say somewhere that I should? Haven’t found anything on that in the migration guide.


We didn’t explicitly mention it, @ThomasH

Maybe we should. @zach_jones_noel, lets update the migration guides we have to include this step.

Anyway, @ThomasH

Let’s try clearing this directory and install fdk again? Let’s see if that helps us make progress.


sorry for getting back to you that late - Some other priorities occupied me the last days.

Just tested with deleting ~/.fdk and installing FDK again.
Working fine again.

Thank you for your support!


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