Issue with the app file for Freddy reports


We’re not able to upload the file mentioned in this article as we get the following error.


Looks like the app manifest file is 2.0 but the system needs version 2.

Could you please update the file and share it across?

Thank you and Regards,

Hi Shivani,

Our platform has deprecated the previous platform version and only accepts platform version 2.2 and above as mentioned in the error notification.

I will report this issue to the relevant team to make changes to the app and update it in the Solution Article.

This app only requires a change in the manifest.json file to change the platform version from 2.0 to 2.2.
For now, I have updated it and sharing here. Please check if it works fine. (7.0 KB)


Thank you for this, Raviraj.

However, we get the following message on accessing this section.

Could you please let us know what’s the issue here?


I am not sure if you are the app developer of this app. This is a possibility that authentication is broken. If the app developer get back to us and create a new topic on this with following details could be helpful to debug further:

See how fdk.log helps in troubleshooting

Copy specific section of logs using Debug Mode

Share browser logs if you think those can help.


Hi Saif,

Thank you for this. Looks like the app is not in usage anymore. Instead, we’ve brought in-built Freddy Triage Report in Analytics for the same. Please feel free to close this thread.

Thank you and Regards,

Hi Shivani,
this app was suggested to me by the FD support team recently.
So it maybe should be communicated company-wide that is should not be used anymore.

We don’t use Triage, but the E-Mail Bot - Where to get analytics on the email bot?

Hi Thomas,

Good day!

We have already cascaded this information to our internal team. Regarding the reporting for email bot, the agent will be getting back to you in the ticket shortly.

Thank you and Regards,

Thank you Shivani!
I feel well appreciated within here :slight_smile:

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