Issue with the DB connection in Freshservice

As discussed over the call, below are the possible solutions for DB connection issue in Freshservice.

  1. Use a middleware and create API which we need to hit from the Freshservice serverless APP side, fetch/add data from/to the external DB (present in AWS EC2) and send the full response back to the serverless APP.

  2. Fully move everything to the external middleware server and hit from the Freshservice serverless/frontend side to get to know the group changes and the time spend.

  3. Wait for the Freshservice’s internal mini DB feature to come so that we can use the same.

The reason behind:
As per Raviraj, if we try to hit the DB from the serverless APP, it will use any IP and the customer cannot whitelist it from there side.

Akhil S Kulkarni

If you mean custom objects for Freshservice, it is arriving pretty soon. :slight_smile:

But, if you need to connect to an external database then bringing up a middleware layer is the safer way out. You can theoretically maintain the connection pool using a global variable, but it won’t be a stable solution just yet.

Alternatively, you might just be able to use a service like Hasura to avoid building the middleware layer yourself.


If you can elaborate Hasura a bit, then it will be of much help.

Thanks for the support.

Please see


@Akhil_Kulkarni You can give this a try now: General Availability (GA) release of Entity Storage - Custom Objects for Freshservice :smiley:


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