Issues in fw-timepicker Crayons UI


I’m facing issues with setting the value (a time) in the Crayons time picker.
According to the documentation, “value” does seem to be an allowed property to use for rendering a timepicker with a set date, but this doesn’t seem to work.

 <fw-timepicker id="fromTime" interval=60
  hour-format="hh:mm" value="00:00">

I also tried adding “AM” or “PM” to the value and that didn’t work as well.

I am also unable to set the value of the timepicker via Javascript.

I would really appreciate any help regarding this.


Hey Anand, Thanks for pointing this out. It does look like a gap we could consider addressing. Do you mind reporting this as an issue in github here?

Another temporary hack would be to querySelect fw-select inside fw-timepicker and set value directly.
shadowRoot.querySelector(‘fw-select’).value = “00:00”. Kindly check with this hack. Meanwhile we will work on this


Yes, accessing the select via shadow root seems to work to set the value!

Also, would it be possible to disable the time picker? Do let me know if this can be achieved as well!

Appreciate your help regarding this.


I will make sure disabling is also an option along with the fix :slight_smile: