Json error

I am trying to automatically create a ticket from Jira automation to Freshdesk using Jira automation and API.
I am getting below error message:
" Send web request

Error publishing web request. Response HTTP status:


Error response HTTP body:

{“code”:“invalid_json”,“message”:“Request body has invalid json format”}"

“email”: {{issue.reporter.emailAddress}},
“subject”: {{issue.summary}},
“description”: {{issue.description}},
“priority”: {{issue.priority.name}},
“status”: {{issue.status.name}}

I am trying to replicate a ticket data from Jira to Freshdesk on a transition.
Please let me know if more information needed.


Hey @Salvinder_Singh,

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

Can you share the CURL command for this API request? And also confirm if all the values that have been added are available and are substituted by Jira automation.

Hello Jones,
I was able to find the cause. It’s not accepting {{issue.priority.name}} instead its accepting {{issue.priority.id}} and same is with Status field as these are dropdown. Is there a way we can use name for these select list fields as both instances may not have same field value ID’s.

Hey @Salvinder_Singh,

Not sure if I got that right but this is a limitation on Jira automation where the fields are not accepted? Or the Freshdesk API is not accepting it?

Freshdesk API is not accepting it.
Also, when checking fields using rest for issue in freshdesk it only shows id not name.

Can you send me the payload sent as a cURL command?