Key value storage capacity

We are working on one integration with freshservice.
We are planning to use key-value storage and we have one question regarding that.

We know there is some limitation of key-value storage like the limit of a key character being 30 and the size of the key and value should not exceed 8 KB but is there any limitation on the number of keys that we can store and the size of the whole storage?

I think we don’t have limitations on the keys, but I am interested in the use case you are trying to archive, so we will try to give our best solution.


Hi @Santhosh.

Let me try to explain the use case on behalf of Anushka.

We are working on the use case of the ticket and change enrichment. Our app will be displayed on the sidebar of the change and ticket details page.

Now, we will display the assets important for that ticket or change fetched from a third-party product. From these important fetched assets, users can select the assets which they want. This information of the assets which are selected by the users needs to be stored somewhere on a per ticket/change basis.

So, this information, we are planning to store in key value store.

Let me know in case of any questions. Also, kindly let us know if there is a better way to achieve this requirement.

Are you getting more than 8kb of data in the assets?

Hi @Santhosh.

Actually, we are only storing the asset IDs (Not FS ID, but the original ID as per product) in comma-separated form.

And, when many assets are linked, the size may definitely exceed 8KB. For example, when there are 500 assets linked to a ticket, the size reaches 86141 characters, which will definitely exceed 8 KB.

Though, when we tried storing such large value in a custom app, we didn’t face any error. I am not sure if this is expected or some bug in Freshservice. Also, it would be great if you can suggest some larger storage unit per ticket.

Can you share the error logs or n/w logs to check?


@Santhosh Apologies for the delayed response as we were on Diwali break. As mentioned in the thread, we are not getting any errors even if we store a large string (86141 characters). We checked this behaviour by deploying a custom app.

However, if we refer to the documentation, it mentions that the key+value should not exceed 8KB: Key-Value Storage.

Lastly, we don’t have any logs for this as this is not an error, but an inconsistency between docs and actual behaviour. So, I want to confirm if this behaviour is expected. Because as per the docs, it should not allow to store more than 8 KB of data.

Expecting speedy response. Thanks!

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