Launch Dev-Assist catalog - A new avenue of assistance! 🀩

Hey folks,

We are launching a new portal, Dev-Assist as a self-service hand of our support offerings from the Freshworks Developer Platform.

:point_right: Sign Up at

What is it? :thinking:

You would often come across a need to raise a custom request to the Freshworks developer platform to do some modification with the app restrictions, manage the app, or manage the product accounts for development and app publishing.

This assist catalog will help with all those custom requests by directly forwarding these requests to the relevant and right team to quickly help you get your request resolved.

How is it different from Product Support? :e-mail:

Product Support is dedicatedly available for customer support for queries and issues with products. Our developer forum works better to get your queries on the developer platform and marketplace listing to be solved. Yet, Product Support will work better for issues within our developer platform or marketplace listing.

Dev-Assist portal fills the gap whereof a requirement to resolve service requests by the relevant team directly and quickly.

A new avenue of assistance! :sparkles:

With the Dev-Assist portal, we get the opportunity to assist our community directly and resolve some of the requests automated in the future.

Wave a bye :wave: to multiple back and forth conversations to get to the context. You can provide all the relevant and required information to address the request as soon as possible.

How do I get started? :rocket:

Just go to and sign up to get started. The wiki article on the Dev-Assist catalog describes more information and guidance.

Let us know how we can improve the experience as we advance.

We are happy when you are! :slightly_smiling_face: