Left_nav_cti placeholder is not showing but app ran properly without error

Hi team,
I am working with placing the CTI placeholder with Fresh works account. Here I have used below “placeholders” for showing custom CTI in left side navigation panel.

  "platform-version": "2.1",
  "product": {
    "freshworks_crm": {
      "location": {
        "left_nav_cti": {
          "url": "index.html",
          "icon": "styles/images/exotel64x64.png"
        }     }   } }

when I am doing “fdk run” I am seeing the sentence “FDK serving local app APPNAME”. My account having default PHONE system in left navigation sidebar. If you have any solution for this, please let us know.

Only one CTI app can be active per app location. As far as my understanding this, the default phone app counts as one, so can you disable the default one and try?


Thanks for your reply yusra.
How I deactivate default app. I have attached screen for your reference. please let me know.

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umm, I am afraid I wont be able to help.

@Saif can you please get this account checked whether Freshcaller is enabled in it by default? I am assuming that’s the one blocking the cti app.


Hi @saif ,
I am waiting for your response. If you have any doubts please let us know.

Thanks for mention @yusrakhatri

@Dhurgeswari_Ganesan - As we know from CRM team, the phone app would be by default available for the CRM users. Incase, if the users install new app that uses CTI placeholders, the default one will be replace by the new one.

How ever, for the local development, the CTI placeholder seems not to be ready. I will need to confirm it.
cc: @shyam.sunder


Thanks saif for your quick response

Hi @Saif /@shyam,
As We discussed yesterday ,I have checked this CTI placeholder in my account through custom app. Now I am not able see My App Logo after installation. please find below image for your reference.
My App Id :

Sorry for the above mistake. Here I have mentioned my App Id. Do you have any solution please let me know.
AppId : 37708

@Dhurgeswari_Ganesan - I suspect there are problems with local simulation for CTI placeholder in Freshworks CRM. Can you do quick fdk pack and upload the .zip in the app submission portal.

Once it is live as a custom app, try enabling it in the admin’s app management page and refresh the page. Maybe with some ~ 2min delay, you should see default phone app to be replayed with your custom app.