Limitations Freshdesk API invocations

Hey all! I’m facing API limitations and wondering if anybody might have a solution or suggestions.

I am trying to use a transcribe API to transcribe an audio file. I have a API key for the transcribe API in my iparams marked as a secret. Now i’m facing a few issues:

  1. If I use the method request invocation in requests.json I face a payload limit of 100kb, which an audio file obviously is too large.

  2. I can use SMI, but the transcription api has a habit of lasting longer than 20 seconds, which will give a timeout. So this is not reliable.

  3. I can call the API in code using Axios or Ajax, but I can’t access the API key because it is marked as secure.

Does anybody have a suggestion for a viable and reliable solution?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @djrlscode,


On top of my mind, if you are not developing a marketplace application, you can use an SMI to get the API key from the serverless and then you can use Axios to make the API call.

Please inform me whether this solution is satisfactory, or I can seek an alternative workaround for the issue.

Thank you.

This is what I ended up doing, but with Ajax! I thought this isn’t the most secure but the solution works now! I just used the SMI as a getter for my Api Key. Thanks for your input!

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