Link on Omnichannel Activities

We are currently using the Omnichannel Activities API to create activities from a different system.

The challenge that we face is that we expected that when adding a link through Freshdesk the activity should be clickable on the timeline.

The behavior that we get is that activity is clickable and it opens a popup instead of following the activity link and the activity link is not presented anywhere.

We are trying to use AI to automatically assign tickets to contacts even if they come from different email addresses.

Can you share a sample of the API Payload which you are using in the API?

Sure here is our code

import requests

import json

url = ""

payload = json.dumps({

  "activity": {

    "name": "Ticket link via NER",

    "description": "Th <a href=''></a>",

    "actor": {

      "id": "123235",

      "name": "NER",

      "type": "System"


    "object": {

      "type": "website",

      "id": "1213",

      "link": ""


    "link": "",

    "source": {

      "name": "impactect-ner",

      "id": "2342345sdf"



  "contact": {

    "email": ""



headers = {

  'Content-type': 'application/json',

  'Authorization': 'Basic apikey'


response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


As you can see we added the link everywhere that we could but it seems nothing worked. Where is the link placed?

The only way to get something clickable was to just add it as a simple description.