Linking my frontend fdk app into Freshdesk customer portal homepage

I am new to Freshworks and I already have a Freshdesk customer portal from my organization which is used by users to view their tickets, etc by logging in. In addition to this, I want to add a new tab in the navigation bar or homepage of the customer portal layout, which will run my custom app created using fdk cli (I used the basic template to create a simple frontend app that will display “hello world” text).

How can I add my created app using into Portal customization layout? Is there any specific placeholder I have to put in the manifest.json? Or Should I make any code changes in Portal Customization (Portal home/layout)? If so, what should it be?

FYI, I tried doing fdk run of my created app with placeholder as ‘ticket_sidebar’ and was able to see my app under tickets as expected.

Hi Prathiba Ramesh,
Based on the documentation, I believe the only supported locations are on the ticket detail page and the page for creating a new ticket.

You can change the location by modifying the manifest.json of your application.

I’m not sure if there’s a workaround, but I hope this answer helps you!

Thanks for your reply, but is there any placeholder for the Navigation bar ?
From the below link, I can see that we are allowed to customize the customer portal.

I tried adding a new tab in the navbar (which will take you to a third party URL) using the above reference and I was successfully able to do so. In a similar way, Do you have any idea if I can add my custom app to this navbar tab? How to do so? It would be great if you can add some code snippet and steps