List all archive tickets and filter last 2 years archive tickets

Hi @team,

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One of our Freshdesk customer asked the below requirement

The customer intends to periodically remove customers and tickets from our different instances based on the following criteria: Tickets that are older than 2 years. Customers who have had no ticket activity for more than 2 years.

I have some dought

  1. my freshdesk current plan is Estate. If i am making api call for view archave tickets i am getting the below error. For which archive tickets feature will support

ERROR: The Archive Tickets feature(s) is/are not supported in your plan. Please upgrade your account to use it.
image (66)

  1. For list all the archive tickets, API’s are not available in API document

  2. I need to filter the last 2 years archive tickets, API’s are not available in docs

is there any way for list all archive tickets and filtering.

please clarify these doughts, how can i proceed further?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @team,

Is there any update?