List all tickets with include=conversations

I’m working on a tool that gets updated ticket within X minutes and archive the conversation on the ticket into a database.
I use this endpoint:


For each of those tickets, I have to make an additional calls to fetch conversation for each ticket. I keep running into rate limiting issues. I know that list all tickets api has include= param which lets you include stats. Is there ever going to be one for conversations like there is for getting 1 ticket? Even if it is just the last 10 conversation, it would help out a lot.

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Good Day! Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, it is not available at the moment and/or there is no plans to implement the same in future as well.

if you want the conversations you need to make an another API call with


to get the conversations.

if you have any issues on the rate limits, we can increase the limit based on the use case

Hope it helps :slight_smile: