List conversations of a customer [Active and past conversations]

We would like to list a user’s conversations, both active and past. We use both freshchat and freshbot.

When a user tries to access a past conversation (by clicking on the list that will be displayed on our app) we would like to initiate the chat again along with the old messages, by old messages we mean the old messages of the same conversation

Also, when I try to access your api that gives a conversation for a conversation id the only response parameter that can be used is the “status” param, example,
“conversation_id”: “733649b2-ed71-4a53-af2b-d2cd3e9e06ae”,
“app_id”: “14b3f5b7-0e7d-47b8-afb4-e4707e6121d6”,
“status”: “resolved”,
“channel_id”: “592e4f57-78fe-4bc7-ac05-6ec00a1682a8”,
“assigned_group_id”: “66838e91-ed7b-44dd-828b-b8a045de7d2f”

If a user says, “I want a refund” (should be an article’s title) I would like this text to come as a response in the get a conversation api, can you please guide me towards this?

I understand that there is an api that gives all the messages of a conversation and has a lot of details, but they are too granular and are sorted in descending order, so if I have to get the created at date of a conversation, I need to know the exact page number / limit of a page, which is not really possible.

Hi @Harpreet_Kaur,

I could not understand your requirement clearly. Were you able to find the user reply in this Get Conversation API?