Listen to 'Contact' field change on New Ticket page?

Hey Freshdesk team!

I am developing a Freshdesk application and have a quick question related to ‘New Ticket’ page in Freshdesk!
We have a use case where we want to track when ‘Contact’ field is changed. It does not necessarily need to be a field change, a change of the contact details section will also work fine. We just need to know when the user chose a customer.

Is that possible?

cc @kaustavdm

Related to this ask is the ability to set the value of the contact field in New Ticket page from an app running on that page. Looks like contact is not one of the allowed fields in Interface Method.

This use case is not possible today, as we discussed in our meeting.

@zach_jones_noel can you take this up as a feedback to see if we can accommodate this ask as a feature request or if we can suggest any other workaround?

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