Listing a existing conversation but it returns "Not Found 404" error

Hi there, I’m trying to make a get request of a conversation in Freshchat. I do this through Postman, using the following URL:


That number in the end of the URL is what I think is the conversation id, I got this number from the site’s URL when I was in the conversation page.

The problem is that when I do request it returns the following error:


I also used the identifier of the conversation, which is this e535c6d45bd849cb4a5b28f9c0743d6b0fcb63e6, however it didn’t work too.

I don’t know if I’m using the correct id, in the case that I’m not using the correct one, where can I find it, or if it’s something else.


I am not sure as well if the number is conversation_id. In fact trying to solve the same problem I found myself in the same boat as you.

But looking at the documentation this is how I understand.

  1. We will have to create a conversion for which the app will get a conversation object.
  2. This conversation object has an ID which the app has to further us to retrieve the conversation.

No Idea how to retrieve existing conversations…

We also have limited help on the forum, I request you to create a ticket with if this is something urgent to you.

Meanwhile, I will leave this topic open for any community member to chime in if they can.

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I’ve already created a ticket for this, but I’m still wanting for a conclusive response from them. When I have the answer, I’ll post here.

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Hi there, after some time to resolve this issue, I came to a solution with the support team.

In order to get the messages of a conversation, you need to make this request:{conversation_alias}/messages?from_time=2021-09-20T10%3A00%3A00.000Z&page=1&items_per_page=20

And you need to use your chat’s token.

That “conversation_ alias” is the ID, you can follow this video to get it:
How to get conversation ID from conversation??

Another thing that can help is the Freshchat API swagger.

So thats how you can retrieve the messages. :slight_smile:


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