Live outbound calls API

How to push data to the outbound calls API after call has been sent. Data should be pushed to that API. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Can you let us know which API you are referring to? And where does the data need to be pushed?

I am referring to live call api and data need to be pushed to the database.

We will need more details about what you are trying to achieve in order to help you. Looks like you are asking about an application-specific question. Please provide links (wherever applicable) on which APIs you are trying to integrate with, which database you are referring to.

P.S. please avoid posting multiple topics with the same content.

Please find the below link for your reference.
There in dialer.html I am referring to outbound-calls api.

I can’t look into the app’s source code from this link. Is this a CTI app that you are building? Can you please describe the use case, or give me links to which APIs and databases you are referring to? Please add as much detail as possible after removing any sensitive details.

Yeah this is regarding CTI app.May I know how can I share the code then?Because directly I can’t send the code…and I am asking for callapi…This the app where customer can place a call and I am using live url of my organization so that call can be sent to the particular executive there I am asking to push the data to the database.

If you prefer not to provide extensive details about your use-case, kindly share a screenshot indicating the specific API you are seeking and its intended functionality. Alternatively, you can connect with our developer relations (devrel) team by scheduling a meeting through the following Calendly link: Calendly - Freshworks Developer Relations.

This will allow you to discuss your requirements directly with the devrel team and receive the necessary guidance and support.

The api is organization api only which is made to connect call… Should I share the API details.

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