Local testing of Freshservice app on browser not working with dev=true

I’m trying to run my Freshservice app from localhost and it is running.

When I navigate to a ticket in Freshservice with dev=true, it automatically redirects away to current_tab=details.

Here’s a video recording of the same.

Unable to proceed with localhost development. Need help.

Hello @arunrajkumar235 try appending dev=true as follows
https://yourdomain.freshservice.com/tickets/1?current_tab=details&dev=true. This should fix the issue. I am not sure why they started appending the “current_tab” to the end of the url. I have asked them to revert it back to simply displaying the ID of the ticket but nothing has changed yet.


Thanks @Zach , that worked like a charm. Much appreciated!

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No problem, glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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