Logout redirects to non-existent domain sso-au.api.freshworks.com

When I logout of a test Freshdesk instance, the browser redirects to https://sso-au.api.freshworks.com/api/v1/logout/start?client_id=…, however sso-au.api.freshworks.com is not a registered domain. I checked https://mxtoolbox.com/ - lookup result is “DNS Record not found”

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Same issue here. Only for me it’s https://sso-eu.api.freshworks.com

Hey @martins and @Jacco,

Does this issue still persist with Freshdesk?

Are you using OAuth 2, or which SSO protocol are you using?
You can configure a logout URL in the SSO settings:

Thank you for replies.
@zach_jones_noel Yes, the issue still persists.
@Flow I am using SSO with SAML.

If I have not set logout url the user after logging out gets redirected to: https://sso-eu.api.freshworks.com/api/v1/logout/start?client_id=some_id&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fteltel.freshdesk.com
If I have set logout url it goes to the same non existent domain only GET param redirect_uri changes

Screenshot with config just in case.

Thanks for the clarification @martins!

I think that this question would me more suited for the Freshdesk support - support@freshdesk.com

They should be able to help you.
Since this is more of a developer forum about apps for the Freshworks products.

I see, will try my luck there.
Thank you.