Logs are not displayed for the custom application

Hi Team,

We cannot see the logs for the custom application in one of our client’s instances.

Please help us to get the logs ASAP. It’s very urgent because the app is running in the production instance.
Instance URL: https://newaccount1640548117747.freshdesk.com

Thank You!

Hi @Gopi

Is it not displaying for all apps or only for a particular app? If it does not work for a particular app can you please share the app Id so that I can check if the app has logs but is not rendered in the front end or the app does not have even any logs in the backend?

if you can’t find the app id then please share the HAR logs. Open the network logs and clear them. Open the settings of the app facing the issue and share the logs.

Mughela Chandresh

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Also, @Gopi

If you are referring to the serverless logs, then - https://dev-assist.freshworks.com/support/catalog/items/47

The above service item (access it after you sign up) could help. However, if you can share logs are @Mughela_Chandresh mentioned, we can further try to solve what’s happening.