Looking for Net Promoter Score feature in Freshservice


we would like to query the Net Promoter Score (CSAT analysis from 1-10) in Freshservice for our customer feedback. So far, there is only the possibility to record the values 1-5.
Since the NPS is an increasingly popular means of measuring customer satisfaction and is being used by more and more companies in Europe, it would be a great opportunity to also be able to provide this in the fresh products.
Net Promoter Score Wikipedia

Is there already an implementation planned here or can this be included in the near feature development?

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Hi Sascha,

Take a look at an App we developed for the Marketplace. Also provides an AI that does text analytics on the feedback.

Let me know if you need any help.



Hi @Sascha,

Welcome to our community! :tada:

I will pass your feedback to the relevant product team. If there’s any update on timelines if it’s planned for the near-term feature, I will keep this thread posted.

Meanwhile, you can try out the app suggested by @RobAtOpinyin. :slight_smile: