Lookup API failing to return contact with external_id over 20 characters

Trying to lookup a contact by specific external_id using the api/lookup request.



so I can verify that this contact has an external_id=5398aadfg980as08af08abcd

however the lookup api is returning - it couldn’t find a contact with this external_id.

        "contacts": {
            "contacts": []

However when I reduce the external_id string to be under 20 characters lets say for example external_id=“5398aadfg980as08af08” - the API is returning the correct results (it’s returning the contact with an external_id=“5398aadfg980as08af08”).

Does the API Lookup have a limitation on the number of characters it’s able to lookup?

My second question is why when I’m looking up an external_id with an alphanumeric with a dash in it that it’s failing to search by the entire string?

For example:



The external_id=“a-b-c”
But the lookup api is failing to search by the complete string and instead is only searching by the first part “a” of the string.

I know this when testing because if I have an external_id=“a-b-c” for one contact and another contact has external_id=“a-b” it’s returning both from the api even though i was searching for “a-b-c”.

Thank you for any help.


Good Day! welcome to the community!
let me check with the product team and get back to you at the earliest.


There is an issue with this product API search, will keep you posted once it is resolved.