Low-Code Uiflow: How to unpublish an app

Hello, I have started to use the new Uiflow Low-code studio to build a freshservice app. I have a couple questions:
How to remove a published app from within the Uiflow studio?
How do we remove it from “In Development” inside freshservice app marketplace?
How do I turn off the “Live Mirror” functionality when I have no need to further test in my freshservice instance?
and lastly,
How do I publish the application through the app management portal? The button to save and publish is missing and the ability to edit any of the publish settings in the portal are grayed out.

Thank you for any help! Been really enjoying the experience up until this part :slight_smile:

Hi @Zach,

We are still working on the removal experience for the In-Development apps. You can remove the app from Uiflow, but the app will still not be removed from Freshservice App Management Portal.

To turn off the “Live Mirror” functionality for an app, you can close the Uiflow Studio project of the particular app and disable the app in the App Gallery in Freshserive with the toggle.

The app submission fields are greyed out since the app is still in development with Live Mirror. The app has to be published to production from within Uiflow Studio.
Then the app will be added as a draft in the App Management Portal and the fields will be enabled, and the option to publish will appear. The app can then be published as a custom app with any changes to any other optional app submission form fields.

Let us know if you are able to successfully publish a custom app for production. After production publish, the same app can be reworked with another version from Uiflow Studio.

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Thank you @Raviraj. If I wanted to be able to test and deploy this application to a sandbox or test environment, would I have to sign up for the EAP under the sandbox url, and then launch Uiflow from the developer console in that instance?


Yes, @Zach.

Currently, the sandbox account is considered another account for our platform. So, you would have to sign up for the EAP under the sandbox account separately.

After the app is completed and has to be moved to the original account from the sandbox account, you can copy and paste all the elements from the Flow panel of Uiflow Studio.

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Thank you @Raviraj. I will try and get my test environment signed up through the EAP.

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Sure, @Zach.

Reach out to us if you face any hurdles with it and in building and publishing the app on the Sandbox account.

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