Make Change Calendar Public and/or add ability to send notifications with maintenance window summaries

I would like our users to have the ability to view the Change Calendar and have a similar view to what our IT staff has, but of course read-only. The ability to see new maintenance windows when they’re added to the schedule, and be able to view the details of the changes within that maintenance window.

The ability to export the calendar does not provide enough details, and it is only a point in time snapshot of the calendar. I am looking for something users can check that is “live” and has all of the latest info.

A bonus would we some notification abilities that users could subscribe to. Things like receiving a notification when a new maintenance window is scheduled, getting a notification x days before a maintenance window, and getting a notification when a maintenance window is starting.

Even something as simple as an ics subscription (webcal) instead of just an ics file export would probably satisfy this need.

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