Manage ticket tags using Freshdesk API

I’d like ticket tag endpoints in the Freshdesk REST API.

Hi @Kaley_White,


You can manage ticket tags using the ticket update API, where you can update the tags of the ticket. Refer to the Ticket Update API for more information.

Also, for updating multiple tickets, you can use this API: Ticket Bulk Update API.

I apologize that my explanation was unclear. I want to use the API to create, delete, and list tags, not attach/detach them from tickets.

Could you please provide a detailed case when you need to manipulate the tag and where?

Thank you.

I need to:

  • Create a new tag
  • List existing tags

It would be great if you could clarify your objectives for these two actions. You have the option to add a tag to the ticket and also to display a list of all the tags associated with a single ticket.

It would be more helpful if you could specify your intended outcome.

Thank you.

We have automations that add tags for version numbers in ticket subjects or descriptions, replies, and notes. For instance, if a ticket is created with the subject “1.8.0 Update,” the 1.8.0 tag is added. As another example, the 1.6.0 tag is added if an agent adds a note that says, “They’re still on 1.6.0…”

Instead of manually cloning these automations for each version, I’m scripting this. The script first retrieves the “base” automation rules and then creates new ones that are identical except for the keyword and tag.

The tags API would come in handy because the version tag that the script is adding may not already exist. Alternatively, I’d need to list the tags to determine if a tag already exists.

Currently, we just make sure to create the new version tags in the GUI before running the script to create the automations.

Hi @Kaley_White ,

If I am not mistaken, you’re attempting to add tags to a ticket based on the subject or description during ticket creation. Additionally, you want to update the tags when a new conversation is created (e.g., added a reply, public note, or private note).

Since there are product events available to listen to the two events (onTicketCreate, and onConversationCreate), you can perform the necessary actions.

When these actions are executed, you will receive the particular ticket data where you can find the ticket ID in the payload along with the list of tags associated with the ticket. Subsequently, you can use the Update a Ticket to modify the tags.

Please confirm if my understanding aligns with your requirements.

Thank you

No, what I want to do has nothing to do with tickets. I want to do via API what I can do in the GUI:

  • Create a new tag:
    API endpoint would be: POST /api/v2/tags

  • View all tags
    API endpoint would be: GET /api/v2/tags

  • Retrieve a single tag
    API endpoint would be: GET /api/v2/tags/[id]

Hi @Kaley_White,

I hope there is no separate API specifically for tags. That’s the reason I shared the workaround. If it fits your case, great; otherwise, we need to check with another workaround.

Right, there are no API endpoints for tags. My “workaround” is to instruct the user running the script, to create the tags before running the script. No big deal: it’s just a feature request.

Is this API endpoint being considered as new feature on Freshdesk product roadmap?