Manual call log saves, but does not store note / recording url

According to the docs here and here it should be possible to create a manual call log for an existing account. However, the commands shown do not work properly and the same goes for the API calls.

Taking this example:

curl -H "Authorization: Token token=<TOKEN>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"phone_call": { "call_direction": true, "targetable_type": "contact", "targetable": { "id": "31034733456" }, "note ": { "description": "Sample note"} }}' -X POST https://<DOMAIN>

The response I receive is:

  "contacts": [
      "partial": true,
      "id": 31034733456,
      "first_name": "Jay",
      "last_name": "Patel (sample)",
      "display_name": "Jay Patel (sample)",
      "email": "",
      "work_number": null,
      "mobile_number": null,
      "job_title": null,
      "last_seen": null,
      "has_access": true,
      "lead_score": 19,
      "record_type_id": "32015958564",
      "sales_accounts": [
          "partial": true,
          "id": 31005844122,
          "name": "E Corp (sample)",
          "avatar": null,
          "website": null,
          "open_deals_amount": "0.0",
          "open_deals_count": 0,
          "won_deals_amount": "0.0",
          "won_deals_count": 0,
          "last_contacted": "2023-11-14T13:36:03Z",
          "record_type_id": "32015958573",
          "is_primary": true
      "owner_id": 31001021425,
      "deal_ids": []
  "phone_numbers": [],
  "phone_callers": [],
  "notes": [],
  "users": [
      "partial": true,
      "id": 31001021425,
      "display_name": "...",
      "avatar": null,
      "email": "...",
      "user_profile_attributes": {
        "id": 31001021425,
        "work_number": "...",
        "mobile_number": null,
        "is_active": true
      "uuid": "632836850551802747"
  "outcomes": [],
  "phone_calls": [
      "id": 31001598734,
      "call_duration": null,
      "call_direction": true,
      "recording_duration": null,
      "status": "incoming",
      "recording": null,
      "conversation_time": "2023-11-14T13:57:55Z",
      "cost": 0,
      "is_manual": true,
      "root_phone_call_id": 31001598734,
      "child_phone_calls": null,
      "outcome_id": null,
      "source": null,
      "freshcaller_id": null,
      "freshcaller_number": null,
      "freshcaller_number_country": null,
      "telephony_type": null,
      "chat_conversation_id": null,
      "telephony_call_id": null,
      "is_external_recording_url": false,
      "targetable": {
        "type": "contact",
        "id": 31034733456
      "phone_number_id": null,
      "phone_caller_id": null,
      "note_id": null,
      "user_id": 31001021425
  "deals": []

No note is saved, as is shown in the UI:

Furthermore, the ‘recording’ and ‘is_external_recording_url’ don’t seem to do anything. There is no documentation about this as far as I can find. Please provide more documentation/info about this.

A response would be appreciated.

Hi Daniel.
There is a typo in the docs. In the request payload, the key should be “note” instead of "note ". Changing this should help.
Adding a sample screenshot for reference.


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