Marketplace App Content and screenshots are not getting updated

We have submitted the app in the marketplace and got published last week. When we see the app in the marketplace, the app description and screenshots are not updated. Still, it shows the old content and screenshots. Should we resubmit the app again?
Content in Developer Portal

Content in Marketplace

Hi @Sheik,

I can see that the app description is updated in the Freshservice Marketplace gallery now. Please check by clearing your browser cache.

It would take a few hours after the app gets published to reflect the changes in the gallery.

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@Sheik, Is the issue that you are facing is resolved? Are you still facing this problem?

Hi @Saif,
Th content and screenshot got updated in the marketplace but it is taking more time to get reflect.
We have found an issue for the markeplace apps in Freshservice. We have submitted an app(Freshservice) in the marketplace(note: no auto update because we made lot of changes in the iparams page) and it got published. Some customers were already using this app. The customers who were already using this app, after this update they started to report an issue like the app is not even working. We tried to figure out the issue, then we found that the app was not updated. We could see an update icon for this app. But the code was updated in the frontend but not on the backend. How does the code is getting updated in the frontend automatically?. Because auto update option is not even selected while submitting the app.

We figured out that the backend code was not updated when we made SMI call.
We have resolved this issue by updating the app by clicking the update icon which shown in the app. We have faced this issue in our Freshservice portal

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Thanking for taking time and effort to share your learnings @Sheik. They will definitely, help developers in the community to solve similar issue easier and faster.

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