Menu in Full Page App Name Bar


I want to have the menu in the Full Page App Name Bar like on the ticket page. Can I do it? Is there any way that I can utilize the free space on the name bar

Thank you, Nhat Nguyen

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Hope you are doing good,
It is not possible to utilize that space, since the app is rendered in Iframe, you are not able to do that :slight_smile:
you can utilize the position top of your app itself.


Thank you for your quick reply


@Nhat_Nguyen - I have a follow-up question; maybe you can help us understand it better.

I suppose you want to have an app icon that will open up a full-page app. These app icons should be made available for the developers to the right of the ‘All Tickets’ block.

We are currently assuming that the left nav bar will anyway become available on every page for the developers. What could be the need to have another placeholder on the ticket list page to open a full-page app?

In other words,

  1. How are you constrained by not having this placeholder available?
  2. What is the closest alternative placeholder you found?

If you could elaborate your answer with the use-case you’re solving, it would be helpful for us to bring this up with product managers

Thank you for your caring about this. However, I don’t have any problem with placeholders for now. I just want the top of my app can have the menu or buttons (like the menu on the Ticket Page). It’s okay if that can not be done.
Sorry if I have made any misunderstanding on this.

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