Message from Angular to Freshdesk - Sample App?

Hi Team,
Good Day, We are developing the app using the Freshdesk by Integrating CTI using angular, Here we are having some doubts regarding Sending a message from Angular to Freshdesk at the time of the Incoming call , How can we send that? Suggest some solution for this, Thanks in advance.

Balaji N


If it’s not too late for me to follow up on your question, do you mind to share some of the answers to the following questions?

  1. What are the specific ‘parts’ of Angular sends a message to Freshdesk.
  2. What kind of message are you referring to you here? Can you share the purpose of it?
  3. Can you elaborate on what doubts are you having ? So that we can plan on share accurate answers?

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Hi @Balaji1,

Are you still facing any problem related to this topic?