Messages automation across Freshdesk and Freshchat

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I’m trying to create an automation for messages sent to the Freshdesk workspace.
The idea is to capture messages from each source (chat, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, …) and send them to a server where can be processed.
Reading the documentation I have some doubts:

  1. When integrating with Freshchat, I saw it is possible to configure a webhook to redirect all messages to my server. Is there a way to set up it using an API? Is it possible to have more webhooks or can be just one?

  2. If I want to integrate also the Whatsapp channel, can I redirect messages and answer with the same API from Freshchat?

  3. Emails messages should be managed with automation rules for tickets in Freshdesk? Is there a way to manage all incoming requests from a single API?

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Usually, messages sent to Freshdesk would create tickets. So you want to capture these tickets’ data process in your own server.

Can you point me to the documentation you are referring to? — Freshdesk or Freshchat

I tried looking at the feature myself. It appears as I can only configure one webhook from the admin settings page of Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging).

By “same API”, if you mean registering your webhook with Freshchat? I suppose discussions across all channels appear as conversations within Freshchat. When each conversation is created your webhook will be invoked and the right payloads will be passed as described in this page.

By “All” if you mean messages coming to Freshchat and tickets created on Freshdesk exposing same API for you to consume? I suppose it is not possible today. Yes, you will need to set up an automation rule or consume Freshdesk API separately as well as Freshchat Webhooks Modules separately to your server.

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Hi Saif,

Now It’s clear which APIs I have to call for my use case.
Thanks for your kind reply,


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