Migrating Inline Images and Attachments to Freshdesk

Hi All -

We are manually migrating about 900k tickets from Help Scout to Freshdesk and we’re running into a bit of an issue with inline images and attachments (specifically, the best way to get them off of Help Scout’s cloud and onto ours or Freshdesk’s).

Inline images in particular are embedded in the body tag via Cloudfront URLs, like this:

"body": "Some message text.<br><br><img width=\"1200\" height=\"839\" style=\"height:8.7395in;\" src=\"https://server.cloudfront.net/inline/number/longimagepath.png\" alt=\"\"/>",

And attachments are in a separate field and hosted on https://secure.helpscout.net

Curious if anyone else has run into this issue and what your solution was. We were told by FD that they couldn’t import inline images if they were going to help us with the migration so I’m guessing they don’t have a way to automatically replace these URLs with their own.