Migrating the existing data to the custom app

We want to build a custom app that helps to integrate with the Microsoft TFS system. From the helpdesk ticket details page, the app can link to the existing workitem in TFS or create new workitem in TFS using the ticket details. In both cases, the app will have the mapping between the ticket id and workitem id in the local DB. Now the prospect already has tickets that are linked to work items manually. They will provide this data in the excel sheet, we need to migrate this data to custom app local DB. Please let us know if this feasible and suggest ways to achieve this. Thanks in Advance.

Hey @kishore

Please check if this best suits your use case

You can open up a new placeholder in the app say ticket sidebar. Have a checkbox in iparams, say Migrate Data. When the app is activated, you can write a method similar to this and call it

// function to set data in the db
function storeInDb(data) {
   return client.db.set(key, data) //returning the promise

function migrateData() {
   const data = `read from excel sheet` // you can use cdn libraries to achieve this. 
   Promise.all(data.map(storeInDb)).then(successHandler).catch(failure handler)}

client.app.activated(() => {
   const canMigrate = client.iparams.get('canMigrate');
   if (canMigrate) {