Migration issue

We have developed our application by integrating Freshdesk and Dialpad in FDK 8. Therefore, we are updating our application to FDK 9, as we are facing some issues while updating the application.
For example, the invoke template is working in server.js, but it is not working when it is a serverless application running in app.js. We checked with the documentation, which states that the Freshdesk CLI in the app source iframe needs to be updated to the latest version in index.html, but since we’re unable to save and run the changes made, the file automatically reloads.
So we require support from your side to solve this issue.

Hi, Is there any update ?

Hi @bala ,

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

Could you please share some screenshots or screen grabs of the error you are facing, along with any sample code snippets you are using? It would be great for us to assist you further.

Thank you

Hi Anish,

I have attached a video for your reference.