Minor Updates: Key-Value Store Enhancement and Skip Code Coverage option

Hey Freshworks Developers,

We are excited to announce a few minor updates to enhance your development experience. Here are the details:

Key-Value Storage Enhancement:

  1. Key Length Increase: The length of keys in our data store has been increased from 30 characters to 60 characters.

  2. Combined Size Increase: The combined size of the key and value has been increased from 8 KB to 40 KB.

Usage Example:

client.db.set(key, value, options);


  • The key should not be blank and its length should not exceed 60 characters.

  • The combined size of the key and value should not exceed 40 KB.

  • The value should be of type JSON and not blank or empty “{}”.

  • Values in the JSON Object will be converted to null, empty strings, NaN, “+/- Infinity”.

FDK Pack Command:

Skip Code Coverage Option: We’ve added an option to skip code coverage when packing your app. This can be particularly useful during testing phases.
Usage Example:

fdk pack --skip-coverage


  • Ensure that the code coverage of your app is at least 80%. While this option can be used for testing, avoid using it for submission to the Freshworks Marketplace. Apps with less than 80% code coverage will be rejected if submitted.

.report.json File Check:

Verification: Checks have been added to ensure the report.json file generated after running an app is not modified or deleted during the app packing process. If it is, an error message will be displayed when running the fdk pack command.

We hope these updates enhance your development experience with Freshworks. For more details, refer to the Freshworks Developer Documentation. Changes are live. As always, we appreciate your feedback and support.




These are really great enhancements.

I struggle with the coverage testing process and find it a bit flakey ie. it will reset even when no code has changed and the fact you can’t automate both the serverless and front end app testing can mean a complete manual retest in an app that has both, which is a grind. Can you explain a bit more how this new feature will be useful during testing phases. Thanks

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Hi @RobAtOpinyin,

The code coverage requirement is still available for submitting public Marketplace apps. We have enhanced the FDK to improve the apps’ quality with more processes, including code coverage checks while packing the app.

So, to avoid making it a hindrance during the app testing phases and for custom app publishing, this flag has been introduced to skip the code coverage for them.

We still require code coverage for eventually publishing the Marketplace app, so it cannot be used at that time.

Hi @Raviraj Ravi, Thanks for clarifying that.

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