Missing entries in List all service Items get request [API Call]

Hello, i’ve been running some tests over the “List all Service Items” get API request and somehow i’ve found i don’t get all the service items from my service desk, i have 65 registered service items but i only get 30 of them with the specified call in the documentation. Some of the service categories seem to not be getting listed but when i make a get request for the categories that are not getting listed i do get the information. Any idea of why this could be happening?

Code for the API get request for all service items


Code for the API get request for a specified category that was not getting listed:


Hi, @Pavel_ACL!

I believe the results are being paginated on the default value: 30 items.
Please, refer to this doc: https://api.freshservice.com/v2/#pagination

You should call like this:


and so on…


That is totally correct, thanks for the timely response.

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