Mobile app help section - Using Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Hi All,

We are planning to add a help section in our app.

About the help section

  1. Search Bar of solution portal of freshdesk

  2. FAQs in a tree structure like solution portal of freshdesk

Top viewed FAQs to be listed by default.
Search results should show matching FAQs

  1. If you scroll below the FAQs, We are planning to give two options
  • Start a new conversation (Open freddy bot)

Please share the Freshdesk APIs to use the solutions portal as help section in side the app. (Search API, FAQ APIs

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Hi @Pratham_Nawal

Sorry, you weren’t able to find sufficient help here. Did you try raising a ticket with Did you figure any answer?

Hi Pratham_Nawal,

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you on this matter. Here’s the information you may find helpful for integrating the Freshdesk Knowledge Base into your mobile app:

  1. To retrieve FAQs and categories from the Freshdesk Knowledge Base, you can use the Freshdesk API v2 to fetch solution categories, folders, and articles.

  2. To implement the search functionality within your app, you can use the Search API to search for articles based on keywords.

  3. To integrate Freshdesk’s live chat feature (Freddy Bot) into your app, you can use the Freshchat SDK for iOS and Android.

Please make sure to explore the Freshdesk API documentation in detail before proceeding with the integration