Modal Popup on ticket/request create

Hi Team,

I would like to add Modal Dialog on ticket/request create. Do we have any option to populate modal dialog on ticket/request creation?


Hi @venkatgupta,


Please check out the placeholders API.

You can add a new application to the new ticket page.

If you need any more insights let me know :wink:

Thank you.

Hi Benny,

Thank you for your update. I could see ticket sidebar and ticket background options are available on ticket create. Do we have any option to enable modal dailog on ticket create?

@Freddy, I would need your help in achieving modal dialog on ticket create.


Freddy_support said Hi Venkat,

Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to automatically open a modal dialog upon ticket creation. However, you can add a button within the ticket sidebar or new ticket page using the placeholders API. When a user clicks this button, you can open a modal dialog using the Interface APIs.

Here’s a sample code snippet to open a modal dialog:

client.interface.trigger('showModal', {
    title: 'New Modal Dialog',
    template: 'modal.html',
    data: {} // any data you want to pass to the modal
}).then(function (data) {
    console.log('Modal closed', data);
}).catch(function (error) {
    console.log('Modal error', error);

Create a file named modal.html that contains the HTML content for the modal dialog.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions or require more assistance.