Modern UI issue: CTRL+Enter is refreshing page, no longer saving ticket properties

Since the modern UI, we can no longer use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ENTER in order to save updated ticket properties.

Pressing CTRL+ENTER refreshes the page and all changes are lost.

This is not an issue in the classic view.

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Seems like this is the issue/feature request in the product,

kindly write an email to on the same

Santhosh B

I contacted support and support told me to post this in the developer portal for feature requests.

Overall I’m beginning to get very frustrated with the poor customer support I have been seeing since Freshworks rapidly expanded.

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Hi @NSBConsulting,
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Sorry for the delay in responding,
I will take it to the product team as the feature request, and let you know the status.


Hi @NSBConsulting,
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The product team is working on this, and hopefully, it will be completed within Q4 2022.

will keep you posted once it is deployed to prod


Hi @NSBConsulting,
The feature is deployed, and it is live now, please take a look