Most recent Conversations via API

When you perform the tickets API to include conversations, it only gives you the first 10 conversations. It would be nice to get the 10 latest conversations, without having to page through the results. I see this (How to fetch latest 10 conversations in a ticket - #11 by Mrinal_Deep) was opened in November 2020, but nothing came of it.

Having to page through results makes it difficult to stay within your API call limits based on your plan. Especially if you have to page through to get a list of your tickets, then page through your ticket for your conversations just to get the latest conversation using the same v2/tickets API. This API is limited to a set amount you can do per minute.

The ask is that we can order by the created date for the conversations in either order we need it in; asc or desc. I would prefer to have it as part of the original API call to page through the list of tickets and include stats, conversations (allow for order by), etc… Maybe the conversation_created_at can be added as a sort-by option when you list all tickets.