Multilanguage support for solutions is missing in the iOS app for Freshservice

We are using Freshservice in a multi-lingual company. We try to document end-user documentation as much as possible in solutions. For every solution we used to have seperat solution documents (One version in dutch, one in French).

Recently Freshservice’s solution section was expanded with multilanguage documents , and I have recently merged all of our “Solutions” into the new “multilanguage” documents, and removed the single language versions of the documentation

Now i’m bumping into an issue when i’m using the mobile app. When i’m responding to a ticket, i cannot seem to include solutions from the secondary language (french).

Dutch visitors of the support portal see the dutch version, French speaking people see the French version, based on their language in the freshservice requester form.

And from the webbrowser, when replying to a ticket I can find the dutch and French articles.

How ever, when I, as a support agent, I want to reply to a ticket and want to insert a solution (or just BROWSE the solutions) in the iOS Mobile version of the app (App version: 7.2.1) , I’m running into issues. I can only see the dutch version of the solution, not the French… although I’m offering support to both dutch and French speaking end users, especially outside of office hours when I don’t have my computer at hand.

I can see my categories and folders, and the dutch version of the solution of the documents….but nowhere in the navigation structure of the solutions section I can choose between the languages.
So there is no way for me to send a link to a French written procedure to our end users, or insert the French contents into a ticket. On mobile only the primary language version of the documentation is available for me.

I created a ticket with Fresworks, and I was told that the mobile app doesn’t provide any support for multilanguage solution documents, and that there are no plans to develop this feature in the next coming months.

Does this mean i have been wasting my time in merging all the support documentation?

Hi @greggdw,

It is unfortunate that you couldn’t find multilanguage support in the Freshservice IOS app. If you have already received a response from the respective product team of the IOS mobile app that the feature is not coming soon, we could not do anything else to get this feature.
I will ensure to pass the same as a feature request from our platform to the Freshservice product team.

Let me know if you are still looking to follow up on the ticket that you have raised and I can help with it.

As mobile apps do not support Marketplace apps yet, we could not suggest any alternatives yet. If you have any other alternatives that you would want to validate with the developer community, please add them to this topic thread.

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