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I am using the ticket filter API to get the number of today’s resolved tickets , but i noticed that there is difference between api result and freshdesk website result due to time zone difference
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this the the request that i am using :
curl -v -u Token -X GET ‘“created_at:‘2022-05-22’%20AND%20status:4”

:camera_flash: 3. in freshdesk website i am getting

60 tickets

in the api I am getting

52 tickets
I’ve tried to add time to the query but i got this error :
It should be a valid date in the ‘yyyy-mm-dd’ format",“code”:“invalid_value”

so how to get the correct results from the API?

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I think you need to convert your local time to the specific time zone and then format that date to the mentioned date i.e yyyy-mm-dd

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my local time is utc +3 and the freshdesk timezone is utc +3 but the API get me the data for UTC , i want to make the API to run to utc +3 , how?

@Santhosh any updates on this?

you need to convert your local time (UTC +3) to UTC and then format that UTC date to yyyy-mm-dd and pass it to the API

Hope it helps :slight_smile: