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Hello Team,

Here we have a query that is it possible to filter the agent and their time entries for a ticket with cumulative time based on a specific company?

If there are any company-based filters on the native report section in the Fresh service kindly guide us regarding the same

Meantime - Need to verify based on the company and belonging with that company agents are able to filter.

I assume you want to know how many hours an agent (of a company) has spent on a specific ticket. I don’t think there’s a straightforward API available. You may have to use a combination of logic and API calls.

Before I could think of steps from the Freshservice docs, I didn’t see “Companies” as a module in Freshservice. Do you mean vendors? Would you please help me understand the business use case a bit more?

Sure Saif,

Here the client needs to get the report based on the companies with some filters.

They need to filter out the agent time entries for a ticket associated with a particular company.

As you said to try with the Vendor API, we can’t fetch the time entries based on that.

So we are searching for it on the native report, can you please assist with that?

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I did not find a reports API that can help you get data based on companies, agents, and their time entries. I guess this has to be treated as a feature request to the Freshservice team. Do you happen to find a workaround? If not I can report it to the FS team?

I learned that “departments” module is renamed to “companies” is MSP mode. Is the customer’s account in MSP mode?

Thanks @Saif,

I didn’t get any work around regarding the same.

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Anish S

Can you confirm this, @Anish ?

Yeah, @Saif saif you can proceed.

In that case, according to my understanding, in MSP mode, departments are companies.

  • The List all ticket time entries will give you time entries associated with the ticket.
  • The ticket assignee would be the agent. This is usually the responder_id in the Tickets API responses.
  • The department_id (companies in MSP) would give you information about the company they belong to.

I hope the following question can be answered:

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