Need assistance with filtering tickets in Freshservice based on the "resolved_at" date

My team is trying to build a custom app that needs to pull tickets which were resolved in the past one week. There is no direct filter to get tickets based on the “resolved_at” date & time range.

What we had planned to do what was to get tickets using “View List of Tickets” API and then include the “/api/v2/tickets?include=stats” endpoint to get the resolved_at values. Once we get the list of tickets, we would write a logic in the app’s code where the app itself checks the resolved date/time of every ticket and take the ones that fall in “past one week” period.

Though the above idea will work, it is definitely not scalable considering the huge volume of tickets that we will have to filter and make multiple API calls for. So could you please share a method via APIs that we can use to filter & get tickets that were in resolved in the past week (7days)?

Hi Saifuddin,

There are many opportunities to improve API filter capabilities. There is Status that can be filtered and could use logic for created_at or due_by to build the best filter that is available. Another option is to use the update event on a ticket and store the criteria in app storage to cache the data so you are performing queries there rather than the API. The app could populate once with a longer query and then use caching. Just trying to assist with brainstorming. :man_shrugging:

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